Behavior Quiz

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1. When someone comes to your front door, does your dog bark and/or charge to the door?
2. Does your dog demand attention by nudging or pawing?
3. Does your dog jump up on people, counters, or tables?
4. Does your dog ignore your call to come to you?
5. Does your dog have potty accidents in the home?
6. Does your dog chew on inappropriate items?
7. Does your dog play too roughly with people?
8. Does your dog bark at inappropriate times or at just about anything?
9. When left alone, is your dog stressed or anxious?
10. Does your dog mouth or nip playfully people's skin or clothing?
11. Does your dog break a sit/stay command before released?
12. Does your dog show aggression or reactive around other dogs or strangers?
13. Does your dog pull on the leash when on a walk?
14. Does your dog stress or misbehave at the vet hospital?
15. Has your dog ever bitten a person or another dog and left any kind of a mark or injury?
(This is a serious issue and should be addressed for the safety of your dog and others)